Location: Boconnoc House, Cornwall.
Photographer: Taylor & Porter.
Couples Comments:
‘Jenny is the fairy godmother of weddings! With a sprinkle of magic, Jenny made our wedding dreams come true. Both winsome and amazingly efficient, Jenny tackles any need or desire you have for a wedding. She sources hard-to-find items; she tackles difficult projects; she works tirelessly and with great good cheer, and in the end, we all live happily ever after! If you are one of those people who would never hire a wedding planner, think again. As an aesthetically opinionated and detail-oriented mother of the bride, I didn’t trust anyone else’s taste. I was determined to do things myself. I waited half-way through the process before contacting Jenny, and I later wished I had done so the day after the engagement. She would have saved so much hassle and planning. As it was, she made our daughter’s beautiful Cornwall wedding come to life. No detail was too small; no unusual request too challenging; no task too much. She managed it all with grace and skill. She is smart, efficient, charming and unbelievably hard-working. We simply could not have given our daughter the exquisitely romantic wedding we all enjoyed at Boconnoc without her’.

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