Don’t fall out of love with your wedding venue

Your wedding venue

Was it love at first sight, or a slow burning affair? Whether you ‘just knew’ the moment you saw it, or had to wait a little longer, your wedding venue is one of the most important choices you can make in the run-up to the big day. If you’re having a last-minute uncertainties or wondering whether the venue you’ve selected really is right for you, don’t worry – this is entirely normal.

Once you’ve seen your chosen venue decorated just the way you dreamed of, there won’t be room for any further doubt. Here are some sure-fire ways to keep the love alive until your wedding day.

Face up to your fears If you’re worried your wedding venue won’t meet your expectations, examine your reasons. It could be a simple case of pre-wedding jitters – or there may be legitimate issues that are within your power to address:

  • Is the space too large? If you’re daunted by the task of filling a spacious hall, there are plenty of clever ways to make the space more intimate. High ceilings can be made less imposing through the use of ceiling decorations and chandeliers. Furniture and room dividers can be employed to create a more manageable interior with separate areas. Try featuring soft lights, drapes and floral displays to give the room a much more snug and cosy feel. You could even dot lanterns around your venue to create a romantic ambience that will take you from daytime to dusk!
  • Not your first choice? Perhaps you had your heart set on a different venue, which for whatever reason didn’t work out. If you’re working to a tight budget and missed out on the high-end venue you wanted, you may be worried that your cheaper venue just won’t live up to yours and your guests high standards. In which case – don’t worry! There are tricks that you can use to transform your venue into a truly stunning space:
    – Take inspiration from your dream venue. Whether it was a magnificent view, beautiful fittings or a fabulous staircase, make a mood board inspired by your love of the original site. While you may not be able to recreate it exactly (and it might be wise not to try), you can use your musings to translate the same feeling of joy and wonder into your new venue.
    – Choose high quality cutlery, glassware, crockery and napkins. These will convey a high-end feel without breaking the bank.
    – Lay out a red carpet! Add opulent features like fabric drapes, mirrored furniture and classy light fittings to accessorise your venue.
  • Worried about the weather? If you’re planning an outdoor wedding and reception, given the Cornish climate it’s understandable to be apprehensive about how the day will unfold. And while the weather is unfortunately beyond the control of even the most skilled wedding planners, contingency plans can be made for every eventuality. Just in case the weather is a washout, make sure you have a sheltered place to accommodate your guests. 

If you’re planning a wedding, there are a hundred and one different decisions and choices to ponder, especially when it comes to crossing a venue off your list! We hope we’ve shown you that there are a myriad of tricks to be considered when it comes to planning your big day – all of which will allow you to truly fall in love with your wedding venue!

Guest blog written by Jo Morris from Rio Lounge. . Photography Credit- Olivia Whitbread Roberts.