What is expected of bridesmaids at a modern wedding?

5 things your bridesmaids should do for you on your wedding day

  • Dance!Even when the DJ is drawing a crowd of only Auntie Eunice bopping out to the Macarena, kick of your shoes and get involved, encouraging others to do so also. The bride will be so thankful for it.
  • Emotional support!Both during the lead up when she may be feeling rather stressed and on the day itself when she is full of nerves and excitement. You need to be that shoulder to cry on, friend to moan to and be super patient.
  • Wear the dress she has picked out for you. Of course you want to feel comfortable and hopefully you will have been involved in the choosing of your dress. But even if you havn’t and dislike it, put it on along with your smile. Your wearing it for her, on her special day and one day you may want her to do the same.
  • Bridesmaids often get involved in organising the hen doThe bride will have more than enough on her plate organising the wedding so try your best to assist with this. Not the easiest task granted, but do not let the bride know if you are getting stressed out with it. I advise asking all attending for their realistic budget before you begin, so you can ensure you pick something all can afford. Also have a chat with the bride before hand to ensure you are on the same wavelength, otherwise you could be planning an adventure assault course day, when she was imaging a relaxing spa afternoon.
  • On the day, hold her dress up when she needs you to, prim her to perfection before photographs, distribute the confetti to guests, ensure you all have your bouquets (and she has hers) before walking down the aisle (you would not believe the amount of times these nearly get forgotten!), organise the throwing of the bouquet afterwards, assist with any toast mastering duties and organisation of guests if required…generally be there for her in case she needs anythingThis is her day to relax and enjoy it, if she does not have a wedding coordinator hired for the day, she may need to lean on you for many of the days tasks.

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