Questions to ask your wedding venue

What should I ask my wedding venue?

After hours of trawling your way through the abundance of wedding venues in Cornwall,  finally there it is, the one of your dreams. You have attended a viewing, fallen in love with the ornate features, ceremony room and arrival courtyard. The wedding breakfast menu sounds mouth-wateringly delicious, the events team could not be more helpful, it ticks all the boxes (it even has mums approval!) and now comes the moment to sign along the dotted line. As tempting as it is to scribble away as you envisage the two of you celebrating your nuptials at this stunning manor house, characteristic barn or chic hotel. Take some time to ask the following less obvious, essential questions, which can make all the difference to the make or break of your big day…

1) Are there plans to redecorate any of the rooms before your big day?

The last thing you want is to walk down the aisle to new curtains hung or carpet laid which clashes with your bridesmaid dresses.

2) Will there be any other weddings booked on the same day as yours?

Every couple wants to feel like it is solely their special day, however the fact of the matter is many large venues will book several weddings on the same day. Being aware of this will mean you are prepared for that moment you may bump into another bride in the ladies.

3) Will the wedding coordinator be there on the actual day?

After hours of meetings, emails and phone conversations, your contact at the venue on the day will be the only other person (aside from you) who knows your wedding inside out. Will that familiar face be there on the day ensuring all goes the way you wanted it to? If not will the details of the day be handed over to someone else in charge or simply to front of house staff that you may have never met?

4) Have your own Wedding Planner?

If you have chosen to hire your own wedding planner to coordinate the day, will they have access to all areas required so they can deliver their service?

5) What time do the licenses run until?

Both music and alcohol, these vary so ensure you know the cut off times for both. If you want either extended then ask, this can usually be applied for, for a small fee.

6) How many people can the top table seat?

Deciding who is seated on the top table can be a real head scratcher. Knowing what numbers you have to play with early on can save a lot of time. Similarly find out how many can be seated at all of the other guest tables to enable you to do your table plan.

7) What time can you have your bridal suite for?

If you plan on staying at the venue ask for check in and check out times. No one wants to feel rushed either side of their wedding day. Ask for extensions if the times do not feel realistic.

8) Can you gain access to the venue the day before?

If you plan to decorate the venue yourself or have family/friends do it for you, access the day before is essential. Trust me you won’t want to be thinking about placing the table centres on the morning of your day.

9) Service charges for bringing in your own food or drink?

Hidden costs such as use of crockery, service charges or corkage are common, so if you are saving costs by bringing in your own catering and drink ensure you ask about these before hand or you may end up not saving at all.

10) What are the lighting options?

When it comes to styling the venue lighting often gets overlooked but good lighting has a huge affect on the atmosphere and ambience of the room. Ask the venue to show you theirs to check you are happy with it and decide how you want it set for the day.

11) Does the venue have break out rooms?

If you have older, or indeed much younger guests attending does the venue have other areas in which guests can go that is away from the buzz of the evening reception? A breakout room is ideal for grandparents who want a cuppa and children who have crashed out in their prams.

The venue is most likely to be the most important consideration when planning your big day (aside from the dress of course ladies!) so make sure you are well prepared with your list of questions before you seal the deal. If you need help sourcing your dream wedding venue in Cornwall, get in touch Jenny Wren can help.