Wedding day underwear

10 Top tips when choosing your wedding day underwear

“Lingerie is my next love after clothing; I think it is what is worn underneath that really inspires a woman to feel beautiful in her clothes – that inner, secret glamour.” – Alice Temperley

You may want something provocative to impress your other half with however, comfort, fit and whether or not it can be seen while wearing the dress should be thought about too. We’ve provided top tips to help you feel confident and look good on your big day.

1. Get measured! When picking a bra, consider getting measured to make sure it fits you well. On your wedding day you don’t want to feel like you’re falling out or that there’s a lot of space between you and the dress. A professional bra fitter will help  you find a supportive bra.

2. Not too early. Your body shape could change before your wedding. Some brides diet or lose weight over stress so don’t buy your underwear too early on! Instead remember to ask for exchange policies on items in case you have to switch sizes before the big day.

3. Wearability. Seductive underwear isn’t everything. Yes, it’s your wedding day and you will want to look good for your partner. However, remember to try on your dress with your underwear and check its wearability. If it shows through the dress, buy some invisible underwear and change in to that lacy number later on.

4. Smooth. Bridget Jones’ pants can be amazing! Many women have lumps or bumps they want to hide and on your wedding day, brides can feel nervous about all eyes on them. Shape wear is great for hiding those lumps and bumps and creating a smooth edge. Plus, most come with seamless options now so they can’t be seen through your dress.

5. Feel good factor. Find something that makes you feel good. Finding your dream dress can make or break your confidence on the day and underwear is a similar concept. When shopping, don’t try on styles you know don’t suit you or make you feel good. Chances are they’ll make you feel upset and self-conscious and you’ll want to stop shopping.

6. New.  A bit contradictory from the last one but don’t be afraid to try something new! Do some research before you go shopping or ask your friends with similar body types, what styles and shapes suit them. You may find a style, you’ve never tried before that suits you perfectly and fits you better thank you could’ve imagined.

7. Favourites. When buying underwear for that special night consider your favourite parts of yourself. For example if you love your bum- get a thong to show it off. Want to show off a small waist- consider a longline bra. If you feel comfortable and happy wearing it on the inside- chances are it’ll show on the outside no matter how nervous you are.

8. Shopping buddy. Consider who you take with you to go shopping- especially for honeymoon lingerie. It might sound obvious, but taking Mum and Nan might sound like a good idea at first- but chances are when you’re picking out a lacy, barely-there thong there’s going to be embarrassment all round. Especially, if you ask for opinions!

At times, lingerie shopping can make you want to tear your hair out but finding your perfect boudoir outfit will make you feel on top of the world! Bridal boudoir shoots are really popular right now and can help you to feel confident in yourself while setting the mood for that special night.

Finally, for your wedding day focus on underwear that provides support, comfort and is invisible under your dress. For the night, try to find pieces that make you feel like the most beautiful, confident woman in the world. As Sophia Loren once said: ‘Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.’

Written by Jessica Green of  Jenny Wren Wedding & Event Planning. Photography by Exposure Photo.