Most common wedding mistakes

Wedding planning fails!

Some clients come to us part way through their wedding planning process or even right at the end when they hire a wedding organiser in Cornwall to run the event on the wedding day. This leaves them to relax and enjoy it after all their months of planning a wedding in Cornwall. This does often mean we see things they have made mistakes on and would advise to do differently. Here are some common things people overlook.

  • The band or DJ are often an after thought. In my mind they play such an important role in creating the atmosphere, they should be right up there with the venue and catering priority wise.
  • The budget is often not planned out, not allocated sensibly to the different elements that make up the wedding or not realistic to the vision the client has.
  •  Lighting the venue often gets overlooked, it has a huge impact on the atmosphere and ambience of the room.
  • Tech is not tested before hand, whether it is the music for the ceremony or the best man showcasing funny baby pictures of the groom during his speech. Many people don’t bother to test the technology before hand, which may fail at the crucial moment.
  • People underestimate the time it takes to decorate the venue before hand, meaning they are working late into the night and often shattered the day of the wedding as a result.
  • Collating the guests pre orders and chasing guests up for them takes time, not all start this soon enough. Caterers will need these a good few weeks in advance (latest).
  • Many do not think about the cleaning up there may be to do the next day. Especially true for marquee receptions (where there are no venue staff present). Trust me, picking up half drunk beer bottles and left over food remains is the last thing you will want to be doing the day after you say ‘I Do’. We do a post wedding clean & pack up service.
  • Logistics; garden games to put out, ice to be picked up, chairs to be moved from ceremony to reception, buttonholes to distribute… these ‘on the day’ jobs need to be done by someone. Some forget to plan the who and how! 

The list goes on. Contact us if you are looking for a wedding planner in Cornwall to help with your big day plans.
Happy planning all.

Written by Jenny Granlund of Jenny Wren Wedding & Event Planning. Photography by Ashley Hampson.