Choosing a wedding style

10 Top Tips when defining your wedding style

Some people can really struggle when it comes to deciding the style they want for their wedding day and this can delay decisions on many other planning elements.  Whether it’s vintage, modern, glamorous, colour focused, the list goes on…these ten top tips will help you to start brainstorming on your style.

1) Styling is an area of the wedding you can really let your personality shine through. Think around the box, on top of the box, below the box, anywhere but inside it!

2) Before you begin to even think of styling ideas pay a visit to the venue and meet with the coordinator. This is so important as a venue layout, exiting décor or in-house rules can cause restrictions and may limit what can be done. Conversely a visit and chat with the events manager may reveal other opportunities for creative paths to follow that you may not have though of prior to the visit.

3) Take a good look at the room(s) you will be dressing at your venue and what you have to work with.  Will the colours you were considering clash with the carpet? Will the floral fabric curtains work with your table runners or will it look too busy? Work with your venue to compliment its current look and avoid it looking mishmash.

4) If you have strong ideas for your wedding styling and there will be a lot of elements involved in creating the look then try to opt for a venue that is a neutral blank canvas. This will give it versatility, enabling you free reign to get creative with your own unique style.

5) Cannot get ideas flowing? If you are finding it hard to determine what you want then think about what you definitely do not want. What have you seen at other weddings that you don’t like? Defining your vision early will make it easier.

6) When it comes to styling, lighting often gets overlooked but it has a huge impact on the atmosphere and ambience of the room. Ensure your lighting is right.

7) What is important to you both for your wedding day? What are the emotions you want to evoke? Forget about how it will look for a moment and think about how you want it to feel? Fun? Heartfelt? Romantic? Full of surprises? Respectful of traditions? One hell of a party?

8) DIY ideas are often the one that your guests will remember the most, for example photographs dotted around the venue more so than elaborate centre pieces.

9) Don’t get a magpie moment with decoration, getting everything that catches your eye.  Mix and match can often work but only when planned well. You don’t want your wedding to look like a jumble sale.

10) Forget wedding style, think personal style!

Photography by Travers & Brown