How to prepare for bad weather on your wedding day

Planning for rain on your wedding day

You can have your wedding day planned down to the very finest detail, but the one thing that will always be completely out of your control is of course the weather.  In my view it is better to embrace the potential of rain and work with it as best you can. As in any aspect of wedding planning, preparation is key, here are a few of my top tips to weatherproof your wedding leaving no chance of it raining on your parade!

  • When it comes to sourcing your venue ensure you look at the compromises available should the heavens open. Pretty gardens are lovely but if you can’t use them will you be stuck in a stuffy function room or will your venue have somewhere with more character to move the party to?
  • Don’t write off outdoor photographs just because it’s not beaming sunshine. I have seen some of the best wedding photography in a lot less than summery weather. Moody skies or even raindrops can create an amazing backdrop. Grab a brolly and go for it!
  • Humidity and hair styles are not a good mix so use a de-frizzing serum to minimise frizz. Comb it through damp hair, and again once it’s dry. Consider getting an up-style, they will last longer than loose locks.
  • If you’re wearing heels have a second pair of flats ready to take with you outside. Walking from location to location in the soft, wet ground will be much easier!
  • As British Summer weather is so unpredictable, there has been a surge in winter weddings. Booking your wedding in the winter means there are no expectations of sunshine or warmth, the whole occasion is often a lot more relaxed as a result and when it is cold outside you can concentrate on making your venue all snug and cosy inside.
  • Planned to have an array of garden games out on the lawn to keep the little ones entertained whilst arrival drinks were being enjoyed in the sunshine? If the weather does not work in your favour then why not set up an alternative indoors. A ‘kids cosy corner’ with games, books and big bean bags will be popular and may even act as a place for younger guests to snooze when they have crash and burned for the day.
  • Hot packs for hand and foot warmers are handy to have stashed in your grooms pocket. Hands are the first to go red in the cold and it is noticeable in photos.
  • Carry a pocket size pack of tissues and wear waterproof mascara. The cold or wind can make eyes and noses water. If you have a wedding planner they will have these things with them in their kit.
  • If you know it’s likely to rain on your wedding day, stock up on some stylish wet weather gear, such as wellington boots and brollies. These days they come in just about any colour an array of designs. You can even have your bridesmaids join you with matching boots or various colours or brollies! This would make for some cute photos too!

A final thought…

As it gets closer to the big day I have seen couples become obsessed with their ‘wedding forecast’ checking it every hour up to the big day! Yes it is good to be prepared and knowing the weather in advance can help you make contingency plans, but don’t become so focused on it that it’s all you think about in the lead up. Pinning all your hopes on it being glorious sunshine is risky as if it does not deliver on the day you may end up feeling really let down, affecting your overall mood on the day.  Whatever will be will be, it’s in the power of the weather gods, so leave them to it and concentrate on enjoying yourself!

Photography by Sarah Lauren Photography