Hen Party in Cornwall!

Idea for your hen party in Cornwall

Gone are the days when a hen party consisted of flashing L-plates, tacky strippers and an evening in the local nightclub. Today’s brides and their maids are demanding more and so they should. Your hen party in Cornwall is likely to be one of the very rare occasions you have all of your gal pals together at once, so why not make the most of it.

How does saying goodbye to your single life as you run off a Cornish cliff top into open air, with your girlfriends cheering you on every step of the way, sound?  Jenny was lucky enough to experience this first hand after being invited along by Cloud 9 Hang Gliding & Paragliding to try out their hen party package in Cornwall, read all about her experience here…

Waking up to beautiful blue skies and sunshine, I was praying that the weather conditions were working in our favour for my Tandem flight to go ahead. After a quick phone call to confirm, my troops were gathered and it was off to Chapel Porth, an area of outstanding natural beauty, where my tandem flight would take place.

Graham and Kaz Phipps who run the school put me at ease immediately and any previous anxiety I had soon faded away and was replaced with pure excitement! Once the tandem glider was rigged, I was briefed, clipped in and all checks were complete we were ready for the off.  Here I was about to literally run off the edge of a cliff into open air to fly like a bird!

My girls were busy snapping away as we walked up closer to the edge and getting their cameras in position to capture that all important take off moment.  1,2,3…a few steps later and before I knew it we were off the ground, my adrenaline level rising all the while as my feet left contact with the earth.

Hanggliding in Cornwall - Hen party planner Cornwall

In what I am told were super conditions we were soon up there cruising the up currents and looking down at what I can only describe as an amazing view. The blowhole was blowing, the sea was crashing and the sun was shining, one hell of a birds eye view!

After a fly over to the nearby beach, set within a cove of a mining valley and taking it all in, capturing this moment well and truly in my memory bank, we decided to have a little play.  The thermals allowed us to have a ball playing and swooping in classic flying conditions with a backdrop to match.  This was absolutely exhilarating! I think my girlfriends 300ft down on the ground could even hear my screams of joy! Glancing down to breathtaking views of the Cornish countryside I could see my friends, these little blobs of colour in the gorse and suddenly felt very disconnected from the world. A feeling which in other circumstances, in an aeroplane for instance, I would dislike (I am not a great flyer) but in this moment I absolutely relished in it.

Hanggliding in Cornwall - Hen party planner Cornwall

As we came into land, my girls were there, looking up with glee, ready to greet me, excited at the prospect of it being their turn next!  We flew down gracefully, landing was smooth and easy and suddenly there I was connected with the world again (booo!)  The girls all got their turns and the screams of joy and ‘wooop wooop’s’ got increasingly louder with each and every one!

What a thrilling new and unforgettable experience for us all. For all those ladies out there who are looking for something really different for their hen party in Cornwall, something they will remember forever, unlike a night out when you are likely to struggle to recall elements of it and conversations had the morning after. This will give you the opportunity to bond with your friends as you embark on a challenge over some hilarious circumstances (the harness is an interesting look!)

As well as this (and yes I know it’s not a competition) but lets not forget the fact this is pretty much guaranteed to beat anything the other half has planned for their do!

I can’t wait to disconnect again.

Hanggliding in Cornwall - Hen party planner Cornwall

Hanggliding in Cornwall - Hen party planner Cornwall

Hanggliding in Cornwall - Hen party planner Cornwall

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